Address: Dumako d.o.o. // Izletnička 6/1 // Smederevo // Serbia
About us
The main activity of the company DUMAKO Ltd. from Smederevo is transport of goods by road. Security, strict deadlines, competitive price, kindness, commitment represents the main characteristics of the performance of our Company.

The presence in the domestic market, and the southeastern part of Europe, are only a starting point toward our ultimate goal: winning the Western European markets, the expansion of the fleet, motivating employees, and technology development.

In our business, the use of modern technology is daily work. This approach reflects the seriousness of the company, help retain existing customers and attract new ones. A high degree of professionalism and proper operations of the company provide continuous liquidity and profitability, resulting in a settlement of all liabilities of the company as well as an increase in profit.

We actively participate in the protection of our environment and we are included in all projects that contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Our policy provides "a different view of transport" and seeks constant improvement.
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The long tradition

DUMAKO Ltd. was founded in 1992 and at the beginning only activity was providing services in the field of transport.